Cigital Acquires iViz Security

October 28, 2014

Cigital, Inc., the world leader in software security services and solutions, announced the acquisition of cloud-based application testing service provider, iViZ Security. Cigital will leverage the technology and capabilities from the iViZ acquisition to offer 3D Unlimited Application Security Testing, featuring unmatched flexibility across three dimensions: the number of tests, the depth of tests, and the number of applications tested.

Cigital’s 3D Unlimited Application Security Testing will fundamentally change the way organizations manage and consume application testing. The new offering enables Cigital customers to fluidly reallocate testing services as evolving threats and business requirements dictate without additional fees or licensing constraints. The unparalleled flexibility of the new offering mitigates buying risk and provides Cigital customers with a simple procurement process and a predictable expense. Organizations can now test across their application portfolio rather than focus on only those applications perceived to be high risk, eliminating potential exposure.

“The acquisition of iViZ enables Cigital to deliver the most flexible and scalable Dynamic Application Software Testing-as-a-Service in the market,” said John Wyatt, chief executive officer at Cigital. “This capability is fully realized through the introduction of Cigital’s 3D Unlimited Application Testing, which profoundly alters the way organizations reduce risk at the application layer. The dynamic nature of the offering gives organizations real agility to respond to new threats, regulatory requirements, and constantly changing business pressures.”

The 3D Unlimited Application Testing offering is available immediately. Integration of the iViZ Security testing capabilities to the Cigital testing services is complete and the iViZ user portal has been incorporated to provide Cigital customers a web-based interface to schedule scans and view results. iViZ Security will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cigital and will continue to sell application testing services in India, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. For more information about the acquisition and Cigital’s 3D Unlimited Application Testing, please visit:

“The iViZ offerings, technology, and capabilities perfectly complement and extend Cigital’s products and services,” said Bikash Barai, chief executive officer at iViZ Security. “The recent high profile attacks demonstrate that attackers will use any application as an entry point, and organizations are looking for innovative ways to eliminate the exposure of untested applications. iViZ is excited to join Cigital in enabling organizations to test their entire application portfolio efficiently and cost effectively through the 3D Unlimited Application Testing offering.”