Office of the CFO

The role of the CFO has broadened from managing traditional reactive accounting and reporting to forward-looking, strategic decision making. Expanded CFO responsibilities are leading to increased adoption of specialized technology solutions to help drive greater efficiency, performance and organizational transformation.

The LLR team has been investing in and supporting the growth of fintech companies for more than 25 years and continues to seek high-growth businesses transforming the Office of the CFO. Companies and intermediaries working in this space should contact Connor Shaw to discuss relevant investment opportunities.

Very little of a CFO’s job is accounting — that’s why we have controllers and staff accountants. In my own career as an operational CFO, I estimate that accounting took up less than 5% of my time.

Jim Murphy, Managing Director of Value Creation at LLR Partners and multi-time CFO

What's Changing in the Office of the CFO

Evolving Role of the CFO

The role of the CFO has evolved significantly from reactive accounting and reporting toward proactive strategic decision making across the entire enterprise.

Demand for Digital Solutions

There is a mismatch between finance activities that currently utilize digital solutions and those where digital solutions would add the most value (e.g. Revenue and Cashflow Forecasting).

Adoption of Specialist Point Solutions

Legacy ERPs cover core accounting functions but are limited across other key OCFO functions, driving increased adoption of specialist solutions to supplement ERP capabilities.

Large Addressable Market

Office of the CFO subsectors including Accounting & Reporting, Billing, Expense Management, FP&A, and Budgeting, Payroll and Treasury represent a $100B TAM.1

A Large and Growing OCFO Market

total addressable market
of CFOs' time spent on strategic initiatives rather than traditional finance

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