LLR’s Director of Customer Success, Sarah Doughty, led a discussion with Jim Murphy, Senior Managing Director of Value Creation, and Jairo Romero, Managing Director of Go-to-Market (GTM) Excellence, on how to fortify your GTM strategy and align your GTM team, CFO and board directors to manage a downturn. Hear what all three experienced operators have seen help stress test different scenarios, generate demand in a tough market, manage the sales pipeline and protect your customer base.


Find the topic most important to you:
  • What CEOs and CFOs should expect from their GTM teams in this environment [3:50 – 6:40]
  • Strategies for generating demand and de-risking the sales process [6:40 – 11:36]
  • Steps to evaluate your existing customer base and protect them from churn: [11:45 – 15:36]
  • How LLR advises portfolio CEOs on reporting/communicating in a down market [15:37 – 18:10]
  • How GTM leaders can set their teams up for success in a challenging year [18:14 – 23:00]
  • Scenario planning and how CEOs should look at existing investments and potential new investments [23:00 – 26:10]

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