Integrated Facilities Management

After 50 years, commercial building systems start to fail and the renovation or replacement of major infrastructure becomes too high-risk to ignore. The average age for commercial buildings in the U.S. is now 53 years, forcing operators to address complex issues like code and ADA compliance, energy performance, faulty red flag systems and environmental contaminants, and driving an increased need for outsourced support.1

LLR seeks to partner with Integrated Facilities Management companies helping building operators streamline operational processes and control operating costs. Reach out to Tim Mounsey to discuss relevant investment opportunities.

Why Operators are Outsourcing Facilities Management

Hybrid Model Delivery

The hybrid service delivery model, where vendors self-perform work in dense markets and create a network of third-party subcontractors in other geographies, allows IFM providers to effectively service customers across multiple regions or a national footprint.

Shift to Multiservice Solutions

Facility managers are increasingly consolidating vendor relationships in favor of integrated, multiservice solutions that can deliver a “one stop” solution across geographies and trade categories. Integrating multiservice solutions allows IFMs to create a competitive edge against self-perform facility management companies.

IoT Revolution

The implementation of IoT devices has raised the industry’s technical floor, but a lack of technological expertise and the high cost of retaining in-house technical staff has led to an increase in outsourcing to vendors with technical capabilities.

Growing Focus on Outsourced Solutions

of total indirect spending can be dedicated to facilities management
of outsourced market held by IFM, and growing
The global market for in-house and outsourced facilities management by 2024

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