LLR CEO Collaborate 2018

September 18, 2018

LLR Partners regularly brings together the leaders of our portfolio companies to exchange knowledge and share best practices on accelerating and managing growth. CEO Collaborate is our annual event designed to foster a peer network among our CEOs and give them an exclusive forum to gain both inspiration and practical advice for scaling their businesses.

Organizational Grit

Angela Duckworth - LLR CEO Collaborate 2018 Keynote SpeakerThis year, we’re excited to have Angela Duckworth, a pioneering psychologist and author of New York Times best seller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, as our keynote speaker.

In her late twenties, Angela left a demanding job as a management consultant to teach math to seventh graders in the New York City public schools. Several years in the classroom taught her that effort was tremendously important to success. To begin to solve the mystery of why some people work so much harder and longer than others, Angela entered the PhD program in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is now a professor. She is also a 2013 MacArthur Fellow and Founder & CEO of Character Lab.

At CEO Collaborate 2018, Angela will share her findings on why some people succeed and others fail, and lead our portfolio company CEOs in a discussion on how to build grit in their organizations.

Angela recently published a new article on Organizational Grit in Harvard Business Review that integrates psychological research at the individual level with contemporary perspectives on organizational cultures. In the article, she and co-author Thomas H. Lee, MD, the Chief Medical Officer at Press Ganey, share new insight on how to ensure that passion and perseverance in the pursuit of a common goal are the social norms at individual, team, and institutional levels.

Scaling a Business

Smith Yewell - LLR CEO CollaborateLLR’s CEO Collaborate 2018 will also feature an exclusive discussion with Smith Yewell, CEO of Welocalize, a former LLR portfolio company. Smith co-founded Welocalize with his wife Julia in 1997. Celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, Smith shares, “What inspires me is the challenge of transforming a business, revolutionizing an industry, and doing things differently. When I see this inspiration reflected in our company culture and strategy, and seeing people achieve more than they thought possible for themselves, colleagues, and customers – this is what guides Welocalize into the next phase of our journey.”

Smith will share his experience founding and scaling a business over 20 years, providing insight into the people, operational and strategic challenges that come with growth.


LLR CEO Collaborate 2018 will be held in early October. Check back in a few weeks for photos and key lessons learned.


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