LLR CEO Collaborate 2019

October 22, 2019

The leaders of LLR Partners’ portfolio companies get together annually to exchange knowledge and share insights on accelerating and managing growth. CEO Collaborate is our marquee event designed to build strong relationships among our CEOs and Senior Operating Advisors, and to give them the unique opportunity to gain both inspiration and practical advice from their peers.

Throughout the 2019 Collaborate experience, LLR’s portfolio company CEOs discussed their challenges one-on-one and in small group sessions with a focus on this year’s theme: Technology Innovation.

AI in the Enterprise: Hype vs. Value

While artificial intelligence has captured the media and our imaginations alike, the hype around it presents a challenge for business leaders to make an ROI-based evaluation of where this technology is ready to add value in the enterprise. John P. Cunningham, Ph.D., a leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence – and specifically its application to industry – led a discussion at CEO Collaborate 2019 on AI in the Enterprise: Hype vs Value. The session oriented attendees to the current state of AI; showed them what is currently commoditized and what features remain differentiated IP; and guided CEOs on how to navigate a buy vs. build decision to deploy AI in their businesses.

In his academic capacity, John is a professor at Columbia University in the Department of Statistics and Data Science Institute. In industry, he has founded, worked in, exited and consulted with multiple companies and funds in the data and AI space.

John P. Cunningham speaks at LLR's CEO Collaborate
John P. Cunningham, Ph.D., shares insight on where AI can deliver value across healthcare, security, education and other enterprises today.


From Innovation to IPO: Q&A with Chaim Indig, CEO of Phreesia 

Since co-founding Phreesia (NYSE: PHR) in 2005, Chaim Indig has helped revolutionize the patient intake experience. Under his leadership, Phreesia has established a broad national footprint, developed strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest healthcare companies, and earned accolades for its role in making healthcare more efficient and patient-centered. Today, Phreesia facilitates more than 52 million patient visits annually.

Chaim was featured in this year’s CEO Q&A, where he share insights on his company’s growth story, technology evolution and IPO in July 2019. He highlighted the importance of founding Phreesia as a mission-driven company, dedicated to improving the healthcare experience, and how he and his team stayed focused on that mission through periods of rapid growth. Chaim also shared his approach to building a winning team that retains great talent long term. He also stressed the value of Phreesia’s early career program that attracts, trains and retains a large, highly motivated and loyal employee base of millennials.

Chaim Indig, CEO of Phreesia, at LLR's CEO Collaborate
Chaim Indig, CEO of Phreesia, shares his perspective on talent, technology innovation and the pursuit of an IPO.


Creativity as a Driver of Professional Success

Attendees of LLR’s 2019 CEO Collaborate enjoyed a unique opening reception at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, where President David Yager shared perspectives on creativity as a key driver of business success. President Yager cited several recent studies that reveal creativity as the most desired soft skill among businesses today, and that businesses which invest in creativity experience increased productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation and financial success. UArts recently launched a groundbreaking Ph.D. program in Creativity to help further its mission of advancing human creativity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

More than 40 CEOs and Senior Operating Advisors gathered to share growth insights at LLR’s CEO Collaborate 2019.


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