LLR Named One of 50 Most Founder-Friendly Private Equity Firms

August 21, 2019

LLR Partners is proud to share that it was named to Inc. Magazine’s 50 Best Private Equity Firms for Entrepreneurs in 2019. The inaugural list aims to identify the most founder-friendly private equity firms by highlighting those firms that treat entrepreneurs as partners and operators. Inc. determined the list by reviewing data on portfolio company growth and asking entrepreneurs to share their experiences with firms like LLR.

We’ve believed in creating value through partnership since being founded 20 years ago. In fact, 70% of LLR’s platform deals were founder-led at our time of investment. We had a busy 2019 continuing to invest in more founder-led businesses like Magaya, Relay Network and Suvoda, and look forward to more new partnerships in 2020.

Inc Founder Friendly 2019