PhishLabs and BrandProtect Merge, LLR Invests in the Combined Company

May 11, 2018

PhishLabs and BrandProtect have merged to become the leading provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation solutions. PhishLabs provides global threat intelligence, security awareness training, real-time threat monitoring, and rapid takedown capabilities that help organizations protect their employees and customers. BrandProtect delivers a broad suite of cyber risk detection, intelligence, and mitigation solutions to protect against brand threats, trademark infringements, phishing, mobile app schemes, social media risks, and dark web threats.

“Bringing our two companies together is a win for our clients, employees, and the security industry as a whole,” said Tony Prince, CEO of PhishLabs. “With our combined visibility and mitigation capabilities, we can detect and stop attacks across a comprehensive range of threat vectors. By partnering with us, security leaders can protect their employees, customers, and brands with the most complete Threat Intelligence and Mitigation solutions in the industry.”

“Not only are we very complimentary from a market perspective, we are also a great cultural fit. We both put our clients first, do business with high integrity, and have a one team, one family approach to teamwork,” said Roberto Drassinower, CEO of BrandProtect.

The combined company is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, with a facility in Toronto, Ontario. The company has also closed a round of growth capital funding, led by private equity firm LLR Partners. Existing PhishLabs investor Alerion Ventures also contributed to the investment.

“Both PhishLabs and BrandProtect have long, successful track records in the industry. Their combined capabilities to help detect and stop threats targeting customers, employees, and brands present unique and compelling value to enterprises,” said David Stienes, Partner at LLR Partners. “We’re thrilled to be their partner and lend our expertise to help them execute their vision.”

About PhishLabs
PhishLabs provides 24/7 managed security services that stop attacks that target people. Powered by phishing and malware experts, our intelligence-driven services detect and stop threats that exploit the human vulnerability. By combining security awareness training, global threat intelligence, real-time monitoring, and rapid takedown capabilities we help our clients’ protect their employees and their customers. Top financial, healthcare, and technology companies rely on PhishLabs to mitigate the risk posed by phishing, malware, rogue mobile apps, and other online threats. To learn more, visit and follow @phishlabs.

About BrandProtect
BrandProtect provides a comprehensive suite of cyber risk detection, intelligence, and threat mitigation solutions for enterprises. The company employs a unique combination of advanced proprietary technology, leveraged by a seasoned team of threat analysts, to quickly identify and mitigate fraudulent or unauthorized online activity, such as brand threats, trademark infringements, phishing attacks, mobile app schemes, and social media and dark web threats. BrandProtect supports security, governance, risk management, compliance, and marketing groups at leading financial services institutions, large-scale retailers, insurance providers, energy, and telecommunications companies to protect their brand value and business bottom line.