LLR Technology Council

February 2, 2017

Recognizing the quality of technology talent across LLR’s portfolio, a group of CIOs and other infrastructure leaders formed the LLR Technology Council in 2016.

Participants share an understanding that information is central to business success and they believe that leveraging the council’s collective expertise to help make smarter technology decisions will elevate the way their companies manage, access and secure the information that is so critical to growth.

Through in-person and digital conversations, the LLR Technology Council shares experiences and best practices from the pages of their own playbooks, including holistic system reviews, vendor management, implementation, budgeting, and more, with the goal of defining common IT approach that can guide any growth-oriented software business as it scales.

The council also tackles the critical issue of cyber security, bringing in industry experts to expand the group’s awareness of new threats to their information and discuss how to better educate their organizations on mitigating cyber risk.

With more than 150 years of senior level experience across the group today, the LLR Technology Council will continue to share knowledge and maximize the impact they can have on company growth.

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