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Several dynamics in the real estate sector – including high interest rates, low housing affordability and inventory, and shifting demographics – are driving more Americans to continue to rent, rather than buy, their first home.

We believe the single-family rental market is the least mature sector within real estate with the most opportunity to improve both the tenant and owner experience through technology and tech-enabled services. We welcome companies and intermediaries working in this space to contact Cheng Li about opportunities to invest in and help support their growth.


The Single-Family Rental market is experiencing a historic demand surge. As homeownership becomes increasingly out of reach, the market presents ripe opportunities for real estate investors, who already see SFR as a premier asset class. This demand also unveils the inefficiencies in legacy property management, highlighting the need for technology to help navigate the complex regulatory environment and streamline operations.

Cheng Li, Principal at LLR Partners

What trends make it a great time to be in the Single Family Rental (SFR) market?

Shifting Demographics and Housing Preferences

  • Millennials and Gen Z are now the largest groups of home buyers as of 20241
  • Flexibility and less financial risk prompt these groups to rent, with remote work boosting this trend as of 20232
  • Demand for rental housing has increased as a result, leading to record-high occupancy rates and demand outpacing supply3

Economic and Regulatory Factors

  • Rising homeownership costs versus stagnant wages have made renting more appealing than buying as of 20243
  • Low-rate mortgage holders are opting to rent out old homes post-move as of 20234, creating an influx of new landlords prime for software use
  • Increasing tenant protection laws adds complexity, driving the need for software in rental management

Demand Driven by “Mom-and-Pop” Landlords

  • ~90% of SFR investors are “mom and pop” investors, 71% of whom rate SFR as the strongest asset class in 20215
  • Individuals are increasingly looking to SFRs to build wealth, as real estate investors earn ~45% more income than non-real estate investors as of 20216
  • The SFR housing shortage in the U.S. has reduced vacancy rates and created a steadier income for landlords as of 20243

Operational Inefficiencies in Property Management

  • Both third-party property managers and self-managers in the SFR market suffer from inefficiencies in tech and operations, signaling an opportunity for innovation
  • Many self-managers juggle full-time jobs alongside their rental management, indicating a market for tech and tech-enabled services

Large, growing market driven by high demand and low tech adoption

shortage of single family homes in the U.S. to meet demand
individuals own at least one rental property in the U.S.
of SFR owners currently leverage technology

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