Unified Customer Experience (UCX)

Unified Customer Experience (UCX) describes the ecosystem of software and technology vendors that enable companies to maximize the value of customer relationships and provide harmonious experiences at every point of interaction. UCX strives to centralize all customer data, interactions and feedback, creating a single base of knowledge from which context-aware support and continuous value-capture are delivered.

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A great product alone is not enough to retain clients in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, especially when your competitors offer more finely tuned customer experiences. Companies that deliver ongoing value and positive experiences at every stage of the client lifecycle are more likely to retain and upsell their clients… and that, in turn, can have a massive impact on company growth.

Sarah Doughty, Director of Customer Success at LLR Partners

Demand for UCX solutions is accelerating across functions

projected spend on Customer Success solutions in 2023
expected size of the Contact/Customer Engagement Center market in 2023
projected size of the market for Customer Support solutions in 2022

What's Driving Growth in the UCX Ecosystem

Net Retention Correlation with Enterprise Value

UCX companies strive to give companies the best opportunity to renew and upsell their customers by delivering consistently personalized and helpful interactions.

Mission-Criticality and Insusceptibility to Market Cycles

Delivering customer delight and maximizing renewals are equally mission critical. Companies cannot rely on good products alone. UCX is equally, if not more, important in distressed markets as companies look inward for revenue growth and stability.

Recent Growth and Role-Expansion of Customer Success Teams

Customer success teams are growing in size and influence, and CSM roles are shifting from churn mitigation to revenue growth. CSMs possess a unique combination of product knowledge, domain expertise and intimate knowledge of customer needs/objectives.

New Technologies Enabling a Shift to Proactive Experience Creation

Passive and active data collection is enabling a from reactive—customer churns, conduct post-mortem—to proactive—data signals possibility for churn, intervene and triage.

Opportunity for Consolidation and Integration

Gardens of rich customer data are mostly siloed today and there is an opportunity unify them through integrations and consolidation. The winner of the UCX category will be an integration-rich platform.

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