United Seating & Mobility and ATG Rehab Announce Merger of Equals

January 3, 2013

United Seating & Mobility (USM) and ATG Rehab (ATG) announce a merger of equals. The combination brings together two of the country’s top complex mobility companies to better serve customers and help navigate an evolving healthcare marketplace.

This merger of equals creates a company with the resources to innovate and adapt in a challenging healthcare environment. ATG and USM bring complementary expertise, talent and systems that will enable the combined company to deliver better services, maintain a wider network and generate greater value to customers and other stakeholders. From enhancing consumer services to creating value-added products for payers, the company will leverage their combined differences and best practices to provide an offering unmatched in the industry.

ATG and USM are both known for expert customer care with trained, knowledgeable ATPs and staff who deliver outstanding service. The companies’ product lines primarily consist of power and manual wheelchairs, adaptive seating and positioning systems, specialty bathing aids, rental equipment and other ancillary complex mobility items.

For more information, read the press release here.