BGL Report: How Technology is Reshaping Financial Services

January 5, 2017

BGL Focus on FinTech
BGL Business Services Insider – Technology Reshaping Financial Services

Technology continues to be a major disruptive force in virtually all areas within financial services and is transforming the way consumers and institutions manage their funds and accounts, according to the Business Services Insider, an industry report released by Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL) in December 2016. In response to growing customer demand and the emergence of user-friendly technology, FinTech has been gaining significant momentum and is expected to be an even greater force in the coming years.

LLR’s Ryan Goldenberg participated in the roundtable of leading FinTech investors highlighted in the report. “From mobile payments to online lenders and wealth management tools to new methods of transferring money in an increasingly global population, FinTech today enables a much larger percentage of the population to access financial services,” said Goldenberg, a Vice President on LLR’s fintech investment team.

The BGL Business Services Insider research report discusses key trends and issues affecting the Business Services industry, with a spotlight on the FinTech market, as well as mergers and acquisitions activity, and the recent performance of publicly-traded companies. Download the full report.