Edmunds & Associates, Technology Leader for Local Governments, Acquires BAS

January 22, 2019

Edmunds & Associates, a leading provider of software solutions to local government, has acquired Business Automation Services, Inc (“BAS”). BAS, founded in 1987 by George Vitti, is a top and highly regarded software provider in the state of New York. George’s sons, Rob & Dave, will remain with BAS and continue to run operations form the Clifton Park, NY, facility.

“Today is an exciting day for both BAS and E&A as like-minded and like-missioned businesses officially join forces as one. Bringing together the experience, talent, and passion of our teams will drive us to achieve even greater excellence while taking our customers’ experience to new heights,” commented CEO and Founder, Bob Edmunds. “It is extremely important to me, a must have, that any partnership requires a culture, value system, and customer-first mindset consistent with ours. We have found this with BAS, and I am extremely happy to welcome both the employees and customers of BAS to the Edmunds’ family.” With the BAS transaction, E&A will expand their leadership role to over 1,700 local governments in the eastern US.

Rob Vitti, President of BAS, added, “When first contacted by Bob [Edmunds] regarding a partnership, we were not very interested. Sure, I was aware of E&A, and we had some common customers, but BAS was doing well, increasing sales each year and in steady growth mode. After some good-natured coaxing, the Vitti family agreed to meet with Bob and his team. E&A presented a solid path forward for BAS, strong opportunities for our employees, and a shared commitment to customer success. I’m confident that the synergy of our teams will elevate our customers’ experience and accelerate the delivery of best-in-class solutions for them.”

About Edmunds & Associates, Inc.

E&A delivers comprehensive ERP solutions to over 1,700 local governments in the eastern United States. An integrated suite of 26 independent modules, in addition to web portals & mobile apps, are delivered in a cloud or on-premise computing environment.