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LLR has been investing and helping to create value in professional education and training solutions for more than 20 years, including online solutions and data analytics for healthcare, engineering, construction, public safety and other end markets. We continue to seek partnerships with best-in-class training providers that allows employers to improve organizational productivity, manage workforce compliance or increase employee engagement.

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As a company grows, challenges naturally arise and the LLR Value Creation Team has been instrumental in supporting us. Beyond the tactical and strategic help, they provided substantial morale boosting and professional development for each MedBridge team member. The people on the VCT are amazing, talented and, frankly, just  great to work with. Kudos to you and the whole team for building this important asset that helps us grow and have an even bigger impact on the lives of more patients and providers.

Justin Kowalchuk, Founder and CEO, MedBridge

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Why We Continue to Invest in Professional Education & Training

Compelling Drivers of Market Growth

  • Growing focus on employee retention and upskilling benefits.
  • Existence of skills gap and labor shortages across various industries.
  • Increasing compliance requirements at state and federal level.
  • Transition from in-person to online or tech-enabled delivery models.

LLR’s Areas of Focus for Investment

  • End-to-end training platforms that provide not only training content, but value-add capabilities to assess and track employee skills and facilitate and engage learners.
  • Providers of differentiated vertical- or functional area-specific training content that allow employees to gain necessary skills in areas with high growth or need such as healthcare, skilled trades, education, leadership and technology.
  • Core training offerings delivered through tech-forward delivery modalities that allow learners to access training at anytime or anywhere.

23+ Year History of Investing in Training Industry

  • Founded in 1999, LLR is a growth oriented private equity firm investing in high growth, disruptive technology and services companies.
  • Thematic driven approach to partnering with leading solutions in attractive end markets, funding liquidity for early shareholders and accelerating long-term value creation initiatives.
  • Focused on partnership as a flexible capital provider (majority or minority ownership) that rewards and motivates key players with equity.
  • Supported by a broad network of Senior Operating Advisors and industry leaders to provide guidance across the spectrum of training models and technology.

LLRs Investment Criteria for Professional Training

or more of ARR and a scalable business model
$30 - $150M
of equity capital needed to achieve growth objectives

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