LLR friends:

This is an unprecedented, challenging time for all of us personally and professionally. We’re learning and adjusting as we go, but can collaborate with each other for help.

Here are some of the resources our portfolio companies produced to help with business travel and continuity, cyber threat awareness, people and partner management, and new strategy execution. We will continue to share more via email and LinkedIn.


COVID-19 Risk Intelligence & Resource Center from WorldAware with up-to-date information on confirmed cases, worldwide travel restrictions, and other resources for business and personal travelers.

Immediate next steps for organizations to respond to a pandemic and protect their people and business operations, from Agility Recovery.

Examples of phishing campaigns that illustrate common ways threat actors are exploiting Coronavirus to lure victims into scams, prepared by PhishLabs.


RapidRatings’ analysis of Coronavirus-related risk to the financial health of thousands of public and private companies in China and other countries where you may have partners or clients.


Steps to translate any new or revised business strategy into specific priorities, actions, timelines and responsibilities across your team, from LLR Partners.