While a logo or a tagline is often the part of any brand that comes to mind first, the true power of a brand goes deeper. It’s a promise you make to the people your business touches—customers, stakeholders and the wider community.

At LLR, that promise has endured for nearly two decades.

From the beginning, we have been dedicated to supporting business growth and success.  But while our focus hasn’t changed, the world has. The industries we support, the technologies we use to power growth and the expertise required to capitalize on today’s opportunities—these things have all evolved dramatically in a few short years. That’s why, when we took a step back and looked for ways to continue adding value for companies in our portfolio and network, we knew that recalibrating the LLR brand would be part of the process.

We held internal discussions. We talked to our portfolio companies. We canvassed our peers…

We discovered that what makes LLR different, and what our companies value most, is our commitment to sharing knowledge.

From the beginning, we focused on giving our portfolio companies access to the knowledge and expertise they needed to grow. We deepened our commitment to this approach by formalizing a value creation program, purpose-built to accelerate growth through one-on-one guidance in key areas such as talent, operations, sales, marketing and M&A. These expert resources have been integral to our success and that of our companies.

And as we looked toward the future, we recognized that our brand needed to help us articulate and communicate that knowledge and experience to a wider audience. We needed to get those formulas for growth out of our heads and into channels that could reach more people. We needed to amplify those one-on-one conversations so that new audiences could access and apply those insights to their own businesses.


Today marks the next step in our evolution—the launch of our updated brand and the new LLRPartners.com.


Our website is now the flagship for more accessible knowledge sharing and a network for peer learning. Here, we harness the collective knowledge of our value creation team and draw on our extensive network of CEOs, advisors, directors and functional experts to codify the elements of growth and communicate them as actionable processes and formulas. And we connect our 30+ active portfolio companies, 150+ executives, and the wider community of growth-focused businesses to senior-level expertise in technology, marketing, sales, operations and other functions that are key to growth. The refreshed LLR brand capitalizes on our greatest asset by putting the experience, insight and expertise of our people front and center.

We’re proud of our brand, motivated by what it stands for and excited to build on the promise we’ve made to the entrepreneurs, communities, investors and visionaries who stand to benefit from continued growth.

As we looked back on our evolution, we saw that this had always been in LLR’s DNA.

This is only the beginning, as we expand our digital hub and increase the cadence of the knowledge-exchange events we host offline. So check out the new site. Join our community. And tell us what you need to be successful.

We look forward to growing with you on this next stage of the journey.