iJET Acquires Prescient Traveler

August 16, 2017

iJET International, Inc. acquired the Prescient Traveler technology and intelligence solution from Prescient, a global compliance and risk mitigation company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The acquisition enables iJET to extend its integrated risk management platform by offering customers real-time incident reports and analysis, along with global, highly granular location-based risk data.

“iJET is committed to continuous innovation across all aspects of integrated risk management,” said Bruce McIndoe, president of iJET International. “With the Prescient Traveler technology integrated into our Worldcue® platform, our customers will have enhanced location-aware technology coupled with detailed incident reports and threat intelligence tied to the precise location of the mobile app user or any location registered into the platform.”

The Prescient Traveler technology enables iJET to raise the bar for threat mitigation, emergency response and business continuity:

  • Early warning and the ability to avoid or properly mitigate a threat are critical to risk management. With nearly 600 major cities profiled worldwide, mobile users will now be able to know in advance when approaching an “elevated threat” area, enabling them to avoid that area all together.
  • Rapid incident notification to those who can act is also essential. Users will soon be able to receive near real-time incident reports which are consistently pushed out by the solution before major news sources like CNN, BBC and Reuters, giving people valuable time to protect themselves or activate resources to respond.

“iJET is excited to bring on board both the innovative Prescient Traveler technology and highly skilled technology and intelligence specialists,” said iJET’s CEO, Ben Allen. “The team brings expertise in geospatial intelligence and real-time incident reporting that will help us accelerate the development of new, critical integrated risk management capabilities for our customers worldwide.”

“We are extremely proud of the Traveler team. Through consistent innovation, they have remained on the leading edge of travel safety, and we believe this new endeavor with iJET will create strategic value that will continue to transform the industry for years to come,” stated DJ Fuller, president at Prescient.

iJET will continue strategic growth organically and through acquisitions, focusing on expanding its client base and geographic coverage, as well as enhancing and adding services that support its core mission: to empower organizations to operate globally with confidence.

About Prescient

Prescient is a global compliance and risk mitigation firm combining intelligence-based research and human analysis to deliver deeper insights that help clients mitigate enterprise-wide risks. Prescient’s commercial division offers a comprehensive suite of due diligence and investigative solutions that cut through the noise to empower better business decisions. Prescient’s federal division supports U.S. agencies with a variety of National Security and research and development programs.

About iJET

iJET International (iJET) provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET’s end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class operational threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats, mitigate risk and protect their people, operating locations, and reputation. Founded in 1999, iJET is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, MD, U.S. with offices in London, Singapore and Cape Town. For more information, please visit www.iJET.com.