iJET International Relaunches as WorldAware

June 25, 2018

Top integrated risk management firm and its acquired companies unite under one revitalized global brand; expand global capabilities.

After two decades in the integrated risk and travel risk management space, iJET International announced today plans to rename the business to WorldAware. The change comes after a year in which iJET acquired several companies, including red24—a group specializing in crisis management assistance—and Prescient Traveler, an incident reporting solution with granular threat monitoring capabilities at the neighborhood level. iJET, red24 and Prescient Traveler’s combined services will unite under the WorldAware brand and continue to enable multinational organizations to prepare for, monitor and respond to potential threats.

The rebrand allows the company to move forward as a singular company focused on one mission: to help clients and partners around the world secure the safety and well-being of their people, facilities and business.

WorldAware will continue to offer the core preparation, forewarning, assistance and response capabilities that its multinational clients have come to rely on to avoid crises. These include, but are not limited to, a range of services such as integrated risk and travel risk management planning and training, risk and threat awareness through regular intelligence alerts and reports and global response and assistance in the event of a rare emergency.

“Wherever and whenever threats occur, WorldAware is looking out for our clients, keeping watch and equipping them with the solutions they need to keep their people and assets safe,” said Ben Allen, CEO of WorldAware. “Our new name reflects our global presence, our unmatched intelligence and the follow-the-sun monitoring we provide to forewarn our clients so they can avoid risks. And, when emergencies happen, our global teams are ready to respond.”

WorldAware currently operates in four international locations including Annapolis, London, Cape Town and Singapore. WorldAware’s team consists of over 130 intelligence and security experts who draw from over 21,000 sources in more than 25 languages. They provide 24/7 monitoring and risk analysis across 11 intelligence areas including: health, kidnapping, terrorism, environment, transportation, geopolitics, the Americas, Europe/CIS, MENA, Asia and Africa.

“WorldAware is heading in an exciting new direction as we build on our core strengths and continuously innovate the best solutions for our clients,” said Bruce McIndoe, President and Founder of WorldAware. “Today’s leaders want to partner with an integrated risk management company that has a nuanced worldview and teams of forward-leaning experts, continually monitoring the globe keeping them informed. Since 1999, WorldAware continues to be the market leader in delivering around-the-clock global threat and warning actionable intelligence that is relevant to keeping your people and operations safe and productive.”

For more information on WorldAware, visit www.worldaware.com.