LemonFish Launches to Meet Booming Demand for Insider Threat Detection Technologies

February 19, 2015

Provides technology to detect insider threats, IP theft, security policy violations, workplace violence, third-party vulnerabilities, and other disruptive business events

LemonFish Technologies (www.lemon.fish), an analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) insider threat detection company, launched today to meet the growing need for insider threat detection and continuous evaluation technologies to uncover security risks within an organization.

“We’re excited to bring our insider threat detection technologies to the marketplace,” said LemonFish CEO and Co-Founder Thom Ottoson. “Most companies conduct due diligence on companies and people before doing business with them, but the real risk is when they have access to your facilities, people, and your intellectual property. There’s been a huge uptick in insider threat incidents through intellectual property theft, cyber security incidents, fraud, third-party vendor activities, and workplace violence.” Ottoson added, “Our LemonAid+ solution allows companies to protect their most precious assets: their people and their intellectual property.”

LemonFish is founded by Thom Ottoson, Nicholas Metzgar, and Dr. Lance Forbes, who developed big data threat detection technology solutions for the Federal Government. Their technology integrates massive disparate data sources with cutting-edge identity comparison and graph analytics capabilities to analyze events and trends that signal potential insider threat activities.

“Insider threat costs companies an estimated $250 billion dollars annually, precious innovation, and their competitive edge,” said Nicholas Metzgar, President and Co-Founder of LemonFish. “Technology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and manufacturing companies, among many others, all struggle with the drain of insider threat. We’ve leveraged our expertise dealing with insider threats and building large-scale software systems, to help organizations meet these threats head on.”

LemonFish is backed by LLR Partners (www.llrpartners.com), a leading private equity firm with more than $2 billion across four funds.

About LemonFish

LemonFish Technologies (www.lemon.fish) is an analytics-as-a-service company focused on insider threat detection and continuous evaluation of security risks within organizations, and amongst contractors and suppliers. The company began development in 2014 on their LemonAid+ solution for businesses, received their first round of equity funding, and launched in early 2015. They are headquartered in Reston, Virginia.