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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) strive to minimize delays and mistakes in the supply chain, specifically on the part of shippers and carriers, as these mistakes are costly and mostly absorbed by the retailers themselves.

LLR is leveraging our experience investing in supply chain software to back competitive platforms in the TMS category and help build a category leader. CEOs of companies in this sector and intermediaries working with relevant companies should contact Zack Hubbard to discuss opportunities.

The value that LLR has brought to Magaya extends far beyond its capital investment. The experience, leadership and knowledge the LLR team brings to the table are truly priceless. LLR has been instrumental in setting Magaya on our current course as a true leader in the digital transformation of the logistics industry.

Gary Nemmers, CEO of Magaya

External Pressures to Innovate

Impact of the “Amazon Effect” on shipping

Shipping costs and inefficiencies have become an acute pain point in the supply chain ecosystem, as the “Amazon Effect” pressures supply chain constituents to meet customer expectations and to maintain industry competitiveness.

Increased supply chain complexity

As supply chains become more diversified to mitigate issues with upstream suppliers and control costs, shippers and carriers are requiring solutions that can handle greater complexities. This is expected to drive adoption as TMS solutions are needed for greater diversification and contingency planning.

Prominent lack of drivers

The need for more efficient trucking practices is driven by an all-time high shortage of 78,000 U.S. truck drivers and climate change concerns.1


Pressure from retailers

Shippers and carriers are being acutely pressured on cost savings by retailers, who are absorbing ~25% of shipping costs.3 E-commerce tailwinds also support the need for dynamic systems that optimize supply chains.

A growing SMB market

The small and midsized shipper TMS market has grown 25%,2 as more TMS vendors are offering budget-friendly solutions and simplifying the implementation process – two criteria that have historically limited this end of the market.

No longer an option to wait

While the transportation industry has historically been a tech laggard, with shippers often classifying tech as a “next-year” problem, this luxury is no longer afforded. Facing these headwinds, shippers and carriers now require TMS solutions to optimize existing tools and automate manual workflows.

Opportunities for Transportation & Logistics Technology to Automate

shortage of truck drivers in the U.S.
13% 5-YR CAGR
growth in North American TMS market
of shipping costs is absorbed by retailers

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